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"Who murdered Great Bend lawyer Arthur Banta?"
"Bonnie and Clyde's Secret Great Bend, Kansas Hideout."
  "The Reiter Brothers murder in Stafford County, Kansas."
"Edward 'Bud' Porter and the Houston Mutiny of 1917."
  "Otto Standke, the Bird Man of Great Bend." 
  "John Keller, KU basketball star and Olympic Champion."
   "Kit Carson in Barton County."
    "St. Rose School, Great Bend, Kansas."
  "Charles Andress, Magician, Ventriloquist, Showman."
  "Jim Roper and the 1949 Lincoln from Great Bend"
   "Lee Harvey Oswald's Widow."
    "Ralph Terry, American Gladiator."
    Phyllis Richardson,  Rest in Peace."
    "P. L. Keenan, auctioneer."
   "Thane Baker.  The world's fastest man?
   "Great Bend Teens Gone Wild in Beer Bust."
     "Sammy the Duck"
     "Earl Woods, catcher for Great Bend baseball."
     "Gorgeous George in Great Bend."
     "Dixon's Recreation---Great Bend's Pool Hall."

    The History of
Great Bend, Kansas
The last Democratic U.S. Senator from Kansas grew up in Barton County and is buried at Pawnee Rock.  Senator George McGill.
Microchip inventor Jack Kilby
was a 1941 GBHS graduate.
Oscar Micheaux----America's pioneer black movie director is buried in the Great Bend Cemetery.
Learn more about adventurer Skip Yowell by clicking HERE.
                                  by Marty Keenan
Great Bend native Joan Bondurant was raised in this house at 2320 Broadway. Bondurant was an OSS spy in World War II, and later became the world's foremost authority on Gandhi's use of non-violence.